DIY Halloween Hanging Witch Hands


DIY Halloween Hanging Witch Hands



  1. Skeleton hands or witch hands (I found the glitter hands at a local party supply store and the skeleton hands in the Halloween section of most any store) Or Find some like them HERE
  2. Dollar store hanging witch feet (local Dollar Tree) or some Halloween fabric
  3. Black lace 
  4. Misc. embellishments (broaches, charms, gems and spiders)
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Batting or other stuffing material


  1. Take your dollar store hanging feet and cut the bottoms / feet off (make one shorter than the other)
  2. If you dont have the dollar store feet sew up the sides of your fabric to make 2 each tubes that are appx 1.5″ or 2″ wide
  3. Poke a little bit of batting or stuffing material in them to give a little extra shape (but keep it minimal so they look skinny)
  4. Roll the bottoms up and glue in your witch or skeleton hands
  5. Wrap the hands/ bottom of the fabric with some black lace and glue in place
  6. Add some misc items like gems, spiders or broaches 
  7. If you are using the dollar store feet the top ring works great to fold over the top of a cabinet and balance out the weight to keep the witch hands in place
  8. If you are making your arms from fabric sew across the top of the arms to keep the stuffing in and add something to weight it down and not allow for the fabric to slip over the top of your cabinet door
  9. Hang your arms over some kitchen cabinets or where desired and enjoy










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