Rudolph Tealight Ornament


Rudolph Tealight Ornament



  1. Led tea lights
  2. Brown and Red Craft paper
  3. Wiggle eyes
  4. Chenille stems (brown)
  5. Scissors
  6. One hold punch
  7. Glue
  8. String


  1. Cut out of craft paper a large red oval (for the nose)
  2. Cut out of craft paper the shape for the head – Half of an oval
  3. Glue your brown head to the red nose
  4. Make some antlers with your chenille stem – cut into 4 pieces –make 2 pieces smaller than your other 2 wrap one small piece around a large piece and twist, do this with the other as well
  5. Glue your antlers to the back of your brown head piece
  6. Glue on 2 each wiggle eyes to the front just above the red nose
  7. Punch a hole in the middle of your red nose and slide your nose over the tea light
  8. Glue a string to the back of your head
  9. hang and enjoy





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