All New Frozen Land Coming to Disneyland- Paris in 2023


All New Frozen Land Coming to Disneyland- Paris in 2023

Calling all Frozen Fans, start saving up those pennies for 2023 when the all new Frozen land is set to open in Disneyland Paris according to Yahoo and OutsidEars on Twitter. Back in September 2019 we heard rumors of this new land to be built in the Disneyland Paris resort but with no plans or expected date they where just that, rumors. Now the word is spreading quickly that they are planning on a 2023 opening date with this basic layout revealed.  

 We can even see now with the release of this mock up photo of what we may expect the new land to look like.


Photo Credit – Disneyland Paris

In a recent tweet from OutsidEars twitter account mentioned we can expect an “aquatic attraction, (similar to one that is also under construction in Hong Kong Disneyland), two shops as well as a restaurant, and a meeting place with the two queens of Arendelle.”

Yahoo also goes to mention of a 7.5 acre lake that resembles the fjord from the movie where we might expect to see a water-based show, along with a stunning replica of Elsa’s Ice Palace and snow- capped mountains. 

I would not start booking your plane tickets just yet, but right now would be a great time to start saving up those pennies for this amazing new adventure. 

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