KFC Fried Chicken and Donuts


KFC Fried Chicken and Donuts

Well its official after doing some menu testing last year KFC has decided to add in Fried Chicken and Donuts to their menu starting as early as today!

KFC will be selling this sweet and salty combination in a sandwich form, a basket meal or you will be able to add a donut to any meal for an added cost. 

Here is What KFC has stated on their online menu “We paired our crispy, juicy fried chicken with vanilla-glazed donuts to create an epically sweet and savory flavor combination. Our donuts are made to order, which means you get a hot and fresh donut every time. Enjoy your Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts in a basket (with your choice of a Extra Crispy™ Tenders or chicken on the bone) or as a sandwich. Yes, that’s fried chicken between two donuts.”

Don’t Believe us? Check it out on KFC’s Promotional Menu HERE


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