Outdoor Wine Tables


Outdoor Wine Tables 

Have you seen these super fun Outdoor Wine Tables made by Faircraft USA? Well you can now find these super fun collapsible wine tables on Faircraft USA’s Etsy Shop HERE

These Tables are fully functional, with a spike on the bottom end you can place them just about anywhere outdoors. The wine tables have 3 holes, 2 for your wine glasses and a third hole to place your bottle of wine in, there is even enough room on top to add a snack plate. 


Now maybe wine is not your thing? Well they even have a Beer Table that is just as neat as their wine tables are, with a slot for 2 each beers, a snack tray area and even a bottle opener. 

Not a big drinker? You can even use the Beer trays for just soda and water.

Be sure to check out all of these and some of the other great items on Faircraft USA’s Etsy Shop HERE


Note: this is not a product that we make or sell, it is simply an item we seen that we thought our readers would enjoy

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