You Can Plant a Magical Moon Garden That Blooms at Night


You Can Plant a Magical Moon Garden That Blooms at Night


How amazingly beautiful are these nocturnal flowers? If you are anything like me I love to sit out on my back patio or porch on a nice cool evening enjoying the smell of flowers and the rusting of the trees so why not make it as magical as possible?

There are several flowers that bloom in the evening and are considered to be nocturnal flowers, many pagans believe that these beautiful flowers have magical and medicinal purposes as well as just being stunning in looks. You can find all kinds of stunning Moon Flower seeds on Amazon HERE


Looking to plant your own moon garden? These are some of the more common nocturnal flowers you might see in moon gardens.

Moonflower, this being the most obvious of them all blooms at night as during the day the flowers are closed tightly. This flower has a slight lemony scent when it opens up that smells amazing. 

Angel’s Trumpet is a vine plant with a very large and stunning white flower in a trumpet-shape with a bell-like appearance when opened up. 


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Evening Primrose  is a light pink/ white flower that is a great ground cover that spreads quickly, these flowers also open up in the early evening and release a very sweet aroma


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Evening Stock – This is a dainty little purple/ pink flower that releases an amazing smell

Night Phlox or Midnight Candy are another flower that opens up in the early evening and gives off a honey, vanilla or almond sent. This beautiful flower is usually seen in white, purple and maroon. 


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These are just to name a few of great options that you may want to plant in your own moon garden. Find some moon flower seeds HERE


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Something very therapeutic being in a garden. Lucky to walk past one everyday. Keeps me “sane”. . . . . . #gardenlife #permaculture #brisbanegardens #sunsetgarden #happyplaces

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NOTE: Always be sure to check the properties of any and all plants that you might be growing to determine the best places to plant them, if they are toxic to animals, ect.. 


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