Fall Wood Blocks


Fall Wood Blocks



  1. Small wood blocks
  2. Raffia
  3. Spanish moss
  4. Craft paints and brushes
  5. Burlap ribbon
  6. Feathers
  7. Wood stem
  8. Mini Straw hat HERE
  9. Glue
  10. Wiggle eyes
  11. Black marker
  12. Sunflowers
  13. Distress pad here
  14. embellishments


  1. Paint your wooden blocks (we left one block natural but you can paint it tan if desired)
  2. Take your orange pumpkin and glue some Spanish moss on top
  3. Glue a wood stem to the center
  4. Add a raffia ribbon to the front side
  5. Take your black block and add some wiggle eyes
  6. Glue on a craft paper beak or paint one on with orange craft paint
  7. Add a mini straw hat to the top
  8. Add some black feathers (optional)
  9. Take a piece of burlap ribbon and glue on randomly some raffia on the inside
  10. Glue the ribbon around the top of your tan/ natural block (trim any excess raffia from around the face area)
  11. Use your marker to draw on some eyes and mouth
  12. Paint in an orange nose and outline with your marker
  13. Add any stitching marks with your marker
  14. Add a sunflower to your ribbon
  15. Use a distress pad and add some distressing to all of your blocks to finish them off











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