Paper Strip Fall Craft


Paper Strip Fall Craft



  1. Random scrap paper (tan (2 shades of tan), and black)
  2. Black, brown, orange, and green craft paper
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Pink craft paint and brush
  7. Bubble wrap and yellow craft paint)
  8. Wiggle eyes
  9. Scissors


  1. Either cut your paper in strips or use some left over scraps
  2. Glue your strips in bunches on your paper (more of a rectangle shape for your corn)
  3. Cut 2 hats out of brown craft paper and glue onto your tan scarecrow and one on your black crow.
  4. Cut out of orange craft paper a scarecrow nose, a large crow nose and crow feet- glue on
  5. Glue on some wiggle eyes to both your crow and scarecrow
  6. Cut out of black paper some wings for your crow and glue on
  7. Add some hair to your scarecrow using darker tan craft paper- glue on
  8. Use a marker to add your mouth and details to your scarecrow
  9. Use some pink craft paint and a brush to dab on some cheeks to your scarecrow
  10. Add some sunflowers to each of their hats
  11. For your corn kernels use a piece of bubble wrap (paint it yellow) and place it face down on your tan paper strips and rub is slightly – lift it off and you should have yellow dots
  12. Cut out of green craft paper some leaves and glue on (we used a green colored pencil to add some lines on it)









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