Sleeping Scarecrow In A Crate


Sleeping Scarecrow In A Crate

How fun and super easy is this darling scarecrow sleeping in a crate? This simple little scarecrow is super easy to throw together and looks adorable for fall.



  1. Small wood crate
  2. Fake flowers (fall colors) and greenery
  3. Straw hat (Find the one we used HERE)
  4. Small jeans (we used kids jeans about 7/8 in size)
  5. Straw or raffia


  1. Take your small jeans and fill them with straw or use an old towel to fill most of them then add some straw to the ends
  2. Set your jeans down in your wood crate with the feet hanging out
  3. Poke your greenery down in around your jeans
  4. Fill the inside of your hat with raffia or straw and place it down on your jeans 
  5. Poke in some fall colored flowers around your hat and around the jeans
  6. if placing in a windy area we suggest adding some floral foam in around your jeans to secure your flowers and hat to. 



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