Clothespin Bat Treats


Clothespin Bat Treats



  1. M&M packages (2 small taped together or one standard package)
  2. Clothespins
  3. Black craft paint
  4. Black and white craft paper
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Wiggle eyes


  1. Paint your craft sticks black
  2. Cut out of craft paper some bat ears and bat fangs
  3. Glue on your bat ears to the top of your clothes pin
  4. Glue on 2 each wiggle eyes to the front near the top
  5. Glue on 2 each fangs below your eyes
  6. Pin your bag of M&M’s together at the place you taped 2 small ones together or the center of your regular package
  7. Slice your clothes pin into the pinched area
  8. Give as a fun Halloween gift/ treat



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