Frankenstein Cookie Sheet Clothespin Wreath


Frankenstein Cookie Sheet Clothespin Wreath

We have made so many fun pizza pan and cookie sheet wreaths over the years and have had tons of requests for more great ideas for the holidays, so that being said we came up with this cookie sheet and clothespin combination for Frankenstein. You can see some of our other great pizza pan wreaths HERE



  1. Dollar store cookie sheet
  2. Clothespins – optional (appx 46 for a 13″ round since it only covers appx 3/4 of the pan)
  3. Glitter blast spray paint I buy mine HERE (colors used is citrus green, starry night and silver)
  4. Spray primer- optional
  5. Glue- we used hot glue but depending upon how cold your area gets you might consider using a stronger holding glue
  6. Black sharpie
  7. Black, orange and white craft paint and brush
  8. Ribbon
  9. Embellishments such as spiders


  1. Spray your cookie sheet with a base color- we used a green we had on hand 
  2. Once dry spray your pan with the citrus green glitter blast.
  3. Let pan dry – recommended to dry over night 
  4. Spray your clothes pins with black spray paint, let dry then do a layer of starry night glitter blast
  5. Spray 2 clothespins with silver/ gray or use the silver glitter blast
  6. Once pan and clothespins are dry add your black clothespins across the top of your pan and your 2 silver ones, one on each side towards the bottom half
  7. Draw your face on with a black sharpie and fill in larger areas with craft paint
  8. Glue on any embellishments you might prefer
  9. Glue on a large ribbon bow to the bottom of your pan
  10. Add a ribbon or hanger to back of pan to hang it from
  11. Enjoy 










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