Halloween Candy Pumpkin People


Halloween Candy Pumpkin People



  1. Candy M&M packets or Skittles packets
  2. Mini Twix candies
  3. Smarties
  4. Craft paper
  5. Wiggle eyes
  6. Scissors
  7. Marker
  8. Glue


  1. Glue on your 2 each mini twix to the top sides of your skittles packet or m&m packet
  2. Glue on 2 each smarties to the bottom half of your candy packet
  3. Cut out a small orange circle for a pumpkin head
  4. Draw on your nose and mouth with a black marker
  5. Glue on 2 each wiggle eyes 
  6. Cut out a stem and leaf from your craft paper and glue on
  7. Glue on your head to the top of your candy packet

Note: This craft contains small objects and small candies that may not be suitable for all ages, please take caution with young children. 





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