Nightmare Before Christmas Hand Painted Rocks


Nightmare Before Christmas Hand Painted Rocks

Rock painting is so much fun and the possibilities are endless, you can really paint anything you want on rocks. These fun little rocks where created just for Halloween and Christmas, if you are a fan of Nightmare before Christmas you will love these little guys. These fun animated rocks are sure to add a great touch to your Halloween and Christmas decor, simply place them around your house, garden or flower beds to enjoy through the holidays. 


Rock Art  Supplies and Tips

Supplies include but are not limited to:


Pencil with eraser



Paint brushes



Any fun decor that you’re gluing


  • Rocks can be found outside but should not be taken from protected natural areas.
  • If you are having trouble finding rocks, you can always purchase them on amazon, a local garden center, or at a local landscaping company. They will usually sell them by the bucket-full.
  • We do not recommend purchasing the smooth stones/river rocks from craft stores. They come with a coating on them and your paint/pen will not stick very well.
  • Make sure your rocks are clean and free of debris before starting your art.
  • If you need, you can lightly trace your design with a pencil first.
  • If you plan on painting, acrylic paint works best.
  • If you plan on using pen for your art, you can use paint markers, artist pens, gelly roll pens, markers, highlighters, etc.
  • If you’d like to glue anything to your rocks, we recommend the E6000 brand. Note: it is important to seal your rock with sealant prior to gluing items!
  • We also recommend sealing your rocks after you’ve finished decorating them. You can use whatever finish you’d like (glossy, matte, etc). These can be found online or in your local craft stores. Our suggestions: Rust-oleum and Krylon brands.
  • Rock art is relaxing and fun. Let your imagination run wild!







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