Snowman Snow Globe Shaker Jars


Snowman Snow Globe Shaker Jars

Looking for a super simple kids craft idea? Well these little mini snow globe jars are perfect! They are super easy and make for a great little craft. 



  1. Mini jars with lids (we used THESE) could use baby food jars as well
  2. Craft paint and brush (black and white)
  3. Glitter spray (not required)
  4. Fake snow beads (here)
  5. Small bow
  6. orange craft felt or paper


  1. Lightly coat your jar in frost paint or lightly hit it with glitter spray (optional just gives it a frosted look)
  2. Fill jar 3/4 of the way with your snow foam beads
  3. Glue on a orange nose cut out of felt or craft paper
  4. Paint on some eyes and mouth
  5. Glue on a bow 
  6. enjoy 

Optional- add a string or ribbon to hang it on the tree as an ornament (glue on the lid if you choose this option)


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