Starfish Snowflake Ornaments


Starfish Snowflake Ornaments



  1. Starfish (any shape or size)
  2. Glitter snowflakes (found at dollar store or local craft store)
  3. Glue
  4. Brush
  5. Fine glitter dust 
  6. Glitter blast spray (optional instead of glitter dust)
  7. String (if the snowflakes do not have string already)


  1. Use a craft brush and cover your starfish in a layer of glue 
  2. Sprinkle fine glitter dust over your starfish until it is covered in glitter – shake off any excess and let dry 
  3. (optional – spray your starfish with glitter blast spray instead of the glue and glitter dust) let dry
  4. Glue your starfish to the center of a glitter snowflake (I chose to layer and use a large snowflake, then a smaller on and then the starfish)
  5. Enjoy



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