Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bombs


Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bombs



  1. Sphere mold (I prefer the 2.5″ HERE)
  2. Candy Melts (black, purple, pink, blue, and light blue) HERE
  3. Hot chocolate mix (I used the white chocolate for mine but you can use any mix you desire)
  4. Mini Marshmallows 
  5. Edible Glitter HERE
  6. Edible Stars HERE
  7. White Food Coloring HERE
  8. Food Safe paint brush 
  9. Plate (glass or ceramic)


  1. Melt your candy melts per their directions (small amounts of your colors and a larger amount of the black
  2. Drizzle each color into your mold
  3. Spread your black over the colors using a spoon (make sure to cover the entire sphere (might have to do 2 coats if it does not appear thick enough on the sides)
  4. Place in fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes until the candy melts set up firm 
  5. Carefully remove your candy spheres from the mold
  6. Heat a plate in the microwave or run hot water over it till it is warm (take caution as it might be hot)
  7. Place your spheres face down on the hot plate to melt the edges and smooth them out
  8. Fill one half of your sphere with hot cocoa mix and your marshmallows
  9. Place the other half of your bomb onto your hot plate to smooth the edges, then place it over the other half with your hot cocoa mix
  10. Note: if your sides do not seal together add a find bead of candy melt around the seam and smooth out to seal together
  11. Use your paint brush to add some edible glitter shimmer to your cocoa bomb
  12. Dip your food safe paint brush into your white food coloring and tap the brush over your finger to splatter the white over your hot cocoa bomb
  13. Sprinkle some edible stars onto your cocoa bomb 
  14. Place your cocoa bomb into a cup and pour hot or steamed milk over the top to melt and enjoy
















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