Walking Banana Pudding Dessert


Walking Banana Pudding Dessert

Have you tried Walking Tacos yet? They have quickly became the new fad right now and they are a super fun and easy idea of feeding a crowd or even a simple idea for when you are out camping.  Well this is a great little twist on that same idea but in the form of a dessert that works great while camping, feeding a group of people or just a simple little treat to enjoy. 



  1. Mini Vanilla wafer personalized bags
  2. Vanilla pudding cups 
  3. Bananas
  4. Whipped topping (optional)


  1. Simply open up your bags of vanilla wafers (cut the top off or roll the top of the bag down a slight ways)
  2. Slice up some bananas
  3. We removed a portion of the wafers from the bag and added a scoop full of pudding and a few banana slices then layered with more wafers and repeated the process
  4. Repeat layering until the bag is full
  5. Add a spoon and a dash of whipped topping 
  6. Enjoy

Now this idea can be mixed up in so many different variations, we have seen one similar to this floating around the internet and it sounded so good we had to make our own version. Another idea we have considered trying next would be to use some Nutella in one or use chocolate or even butterscotch pudding. The possibilities are seriously endless.  See also our Walking Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert HERE






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