Pineapple Lemonade


Pineapple Lemonade




  1. Pineapple juice (large 46oz can) 
  2. Sprite 2-3 cans
  3. Cold Water 3-4 Cups
  4. Countrytime Lemonade mix (appx 1 Cup)
  5. Fresh lemons and pineapple (optional)
  6. Ice


  1. Add your water to a large pitcher (if you like it sweeter recommend doing 3 cups, I prefer to do about 4 cups in mine so its not quite as sweet)
  2. Mix in your lemonade mix
  3. Add in your pineapple juice ( I prefer to use only about 3/4 of the can unless you want a stronger pineapple taste)
  4. Add in 2-3 cans of sprite (desired taste)
  5. Add some Ice, chopped lemons and pineapples

NOTE: We have also added some Malibu rum to ours in the past to make a fun adult drink version that is super tasty! 

ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS WE HAVE TRIED: Other ways we have made this in the past is by using about 3-4 cups of pre-made lemonade such as simply lemonade (instead of the country time lemonade mix and water), another great option is using strawberry lemonade instead of regular (you can also toss in some fresh strawberries). 


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