Sea Turtle Cupcakes


Sea Turtle Cupcakes


Makes: 24 Cupcakes

Prep Time: 40 min

Cook Time: 35 min


1 box white cake mix, plus the ingredients on the back

2 containers of cream cheese frosting

12 drops of blue gel food coloring

24 Trolli peach rings

24 green lime fruit slice candies

24 green spice drop candies

42 candy eyes


*Prepare the cupcakes following the directions on the cake mix box. After baking, allow those to cool on a wire rack. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, add the two containers of cream cheese frosting and blue gel food coloring. Mix to combine and color the frosting blue. If needed, add additional food coloring until you reach your desired color. Set aside.

*To prepare your gummies, start by cutting the wider ends off of the 24 spice drop candies, and placing one into the inner hole of each peach ring for your turtle’s shell. Then, take the fruit slice candies, and cut off one of the ends of each candy to make the sea turtle’s head. To make the flippers, cut the fruit slice in half along the narrow edge. Then, cut one the fruit slice halves in half again, with one side a bit larger, to make the front and back flippers. Add your blue frosting to a piping bag, and top each cupcake with frosting. Reserve some of the frosting to attach our candy eyes later. Then, to add your turtles, place one of the peach rings with a spice drop on top of each cupcake. Add the fruit slice corners that you made for the turtles heads, on one side of the peach ring on each cupcake. Then, add your flippers, by placing one of the larger fruit slice pieces towards the head and the smaller one towards the back side of the turtle. Repeat this on each side of each turtle. To add the turtle eyes, add a small bit of icing to the back of each candy eye, and place one on each side of the turtles’ heads. Serve, or store in an airtight cupcake container in the refrigerator, until ready to serve.









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