Wednesday Addams Easter Basket


Wednesday Addams Easter Basket

Now I know this is not your traditional Easter basket, however with the popular Wednesday Addams show out right now, it is one of my kids favorites so why not mix it up a bit this year and make a fun Addams family Easter basket. I love how this one turned out and I am sure my daughter will be super excited. 



  1. Easter basket 
  2. Black spray paint (only if you cannot locate a black Easter basket)
  3. Black Easter filler HERE
  4. Black Yarn
  5. Glue (we used hot glue)
  6. Scissors
  7. Black lace- we used lace fabric and lace ribbon or Lace ruffle 
  8. Items to add to your basket such as Addams Tumbler HERE, Chokers HERE, Umbrella HERE, Easter Candy, Easter eggs, ect..


  1. Spray paint your basket black if you did not locate a black basket
  2. Take your black lace fabric and wrap around your basket gluing in place to cover your entire basket (trim the extra fabric off)
  3. Take your lace yarn or cut strips of your lace fabric and glue around the lower center of your basket, bunching the ribbon or fabric as you go to make folds in your dress. 
  4. Do the same thing at the top of your basket. (see example images)
  5. Take your yarn and wrap it around your arms or around a large piece of cardboard many times till you have a large amount of yarn in long sections.
  6. Cut your ends of your yarn and tie off one end
  7. Have someone hold your tied end or use a chair end to hold and proceed to braid your yarn so you have one very long hair braid. 
  8. Tie off both ends but leave some loose yarn at the ends (can also use a hair band at each end)
  9. Glue your long braid onto your basket handle allowing the hair/ yarn to hang down each side. 
  10. Add your basket filler and you items to your basket










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