Hand and Footprint Crafts

Workers in the Community Footprints

BOYS FOOTPRINTS e1451619843934

Workers in the Community Footprints I love these fun prints, I was inspired to do this set from the fantastic response i had from my Construction Site prints and the many requests I had from people to do more community…
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Sports Footprints and Hand Prints


Sports Footprints and Hand Prints Do you have a sports lover in your home? Decorate up your kids room with fun sports prints. Football Footprint Baseball Hand Print Basketball Hand Print

Straw Painted Rainbow Craft

rainbow5 e1451618292917

Straw Painted Rainbow Craft  Materials: Canvas, Straw, liquid watercolor or really watered down paint (watercolor, tempera or acrylic), Glue, cotton balls or pom poms, and gems or gold paint. Directions:  Start by choosing your paint and dripping it on the…
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Simple New Years Craft

new year craft e1451618034901

Walking into the New Year with a Simple New Years Craft   Materials: Construcion paper, Paint, Chenille stems, glue and anything else fun to decorate with. Directions- take each foot and do 2 prints each, then cut out each print…
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