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Grinch Jello Cups

grinch fruit cup e1451611489270

Grinch Jello Cups Christmas Treat Materials Used: Green Jello Fruit Cups, Wiggle eyes, Red pom pom, Tacky Glue, Cotton Ball and a Sharpie Directions: Simply take a green prepackaged jello cup and draw with your sharpie a face, next glue…
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Turkey Pudding Cups & Turkey Jello Cups

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Turkey Pudding Cups & Turkey Jello Cups Healthy Thanksgiving Treats Materials Used: Pudding or Jello cups, Fall Feathers, Wiggle eyes, Felt, scissors and craft glue.    

Frankie Jello Cups

frankie jello1 e1451611373520

Frankie Jello Cups I found this idea originally from HERE¬†(Check out her blog for details on making these adorable little guys) I did change a couple things from her post to make them easier to do in bulk since i…
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Dinosaur Costume

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DIY Dinosaur Costume Using This Tutorial I found on Pinterest I made Cayden this adorable costume. Of course most people thought he looked more like Godzilla ūüôā but regardless it was adorable (sadly I wasn’t able to get a real…
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Pumpkin Wine Glasses

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  Pumpkin Wine Glasses ¬† Materials Used: ¬†Dollar Store Wine Glasses, Glitter Blast Spray Paint, and Raffia   ¬†IF YOU LIKE THESE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER WINEGLASS CREATIONS¬†HERE  

Halloween Party

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Halloween Party 2014 (With Caramel Apple Bar) ¬†                             ¬†

Hanging Ghost

ghost e1451613447206

Hanging Ghost We took Styrofoam balls and covered them in cheese cloth, added some glitter spray and then I let the kids go crazy gluing on eyes and painting a mouth ect. Once it was dry I hot glued a…
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