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Planting/ Gardening With Toddlers

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Planting/ Gardening With Toddlers   So to give you a little background i am a terrible gardener, I cant even keep my house plants alive. But I would love it if my daughter had a chance to make her own…
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DIY Frozen Olaf Shirts

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DIY Frozen Olaf Shirts     I found this fun idea for frozen T-Shirts from THIS SITE our shirts turned out so adorable and they where so simple to do. I did have to experiment with different fabric markers until…
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Frozen Olaf Birthday Door Wreath

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Frozen Olaf Birthday Door Wreath   I made this wreath for Addies upcoming  3rd birthday party- Addie of course is totally in LOVE with Frozen, so Im starting early on her party decorations. I apologize i didn’t have time to…
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Spring Wheelbarrow Craft

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Spring Wheelbarrow Craft   We got these adorable wooden wheelbarrows from Quality Art Inc. for only $0.75ea. We started off by painting the wheelbarrow what ever color you want, Addie choose pink of course and I painted Caydens blue. Next…
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Simple Easter Egg Paper Craft

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Simple Easter Egg Paper Craft   For this craft we just went very simple, I cut out an egg shape out of poster board and let Addie go crazy with the acrylic paints, then while the paint was still wet…
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Pool Noodle Caterpillar Bath Time Fun

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 Pool Noodle Caterpillar Bath Time Fun     As a quick random project I decided to make the kids a new bath toy, I had seen on Pinterest where someone had made little boats out of a pool noodle and…
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Easter Hand Print and Footprint Crafts

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Easter Hand Print and Footprint Crafts Materials: Canvas, Paint, Brushes, Straw For the Chick, and For the bunny rabbits we used wiggle eyes and pom pom tails. So many of you may have seen my previous post with a different…
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