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Pizza Pan Ornaments

pizza pan ornaments

PIZZA PAN ORNAMENTS   I am crazy about the holidays so I love to make all sorts of different things, I made these pizza pan ornaments to hang outside on the tree, or on the windows and even around the…
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Christmas 2014

decor2 – Copy

Christmas 2014 So I have had my Christmas Decor up for almost a month now and it took me forever to get a picture but here it is- well part of it at least I didn’t have a chance to…
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Olaf Dollar Store Pizza Pan Ornament

olaf pp

Olaf Dollar Store Pizza Pan Ornament   Materials Used: White Glitter Blast Spray Paint, Dollar Store pizza pan, Sharpie, craft paint, glue, and craft foam.

Giant Frozen Olaf Centerpiece


Giant Frozen Olaf Centerpiece With his own personal flurry I made Olaf using cardboard boxes for the body and covered them with batting. For the face I used felt, for the hair and arms I used giant pipe cleaners (chenille…
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Frozen Olaf Birthday Door Wreath


Frozen Olaf Birthday Door Wreath   I made this wreath for Addies upcoming  3rd birthday party- Addie of course is totally in LOVE with Frozen, so Im starting early on her party decorations. I apologize i didn’t have time to…
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