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Craft Stick Snowman Ornament Craft


Craft Stick Snowman Ornament Craft Materials:  Craft sticks  *White acrylic craft paint  Craft brushes  Craft foam  Rustic fabric cut into a 7”x ¾” strip  Buttons  Ribbon or twine  Glue Gun  White school or Tacky glue Black fine point marker Floral…
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Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments


Silly Snowman Seashell Ornaments Materials: Seashells String Black find tip marker Wiggle eyes (optional) Glue Small pom poms  Chenille stems Scissors Thin wire (optional- could use brown chenille stems) craft paper or felt Directions: Cut your chenille stem down to…
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Lighted Jar Sock Snowman


Lighted Jar Sock Snowman Materials: Glass jar with lid White Sock Colored sock Small balls or ornaments Battery operated lights  Wiggle eyes Orange felt Scissors Glue Ribbon Rice Misc embellishments Optional – stencil with paint (Chalk Couture info HERE) Directions:…
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Snowman Luminary


Snowman Luminary Materials: Mason Jar Fake Snow Deco Pauge or craft glue and brush Buttons (2 black) Orange felt Ribbon large pom poms -2 each Chenille stem Scissors  Glue led tea light Directions: Paint the outside of your mason jar…
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