Gingerbread Girl Pre-Packaged Cookies

Gingerbread Girl Pre-Packaged Cookies 



  1. Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (or similar cookie)
  2. White Paint Pen ( I used a Sharpie one since that is what I have on hand)
  3. Black Sharpie
  4. Red Christmas Ribbon
  5. Red Buttons
  6. Hot glue and glue gun
  7. Scissors


Start off by drawing your eyes on with a sharpie, next add the white around the face and make the mouth with a white paint pen, when dry hot glue (using a low temp glue gun) on your buttons and ribbon.


gingerbread-girl-cookies-5 gingerbread-girl-cookies-4 gingerbread-girl-cookies-3 gingerbread-girl-cookies-2 gingerbread-girl-cookies-1



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  1. Celeste

    I would change the red buttons to m & ms or use red icing. Adorable easy idea!

    1. Jsvkie

      Why? They are meant to be eaten and nothing on the outside of the cellophane should be edible, it will be ripped off. lol

      1. Sheena (Post author)

        Most schools now days do not allow for any opened food items, it must be sealed from the store so this allows for a fun school party treat and still be a sealed item 😉 🙂

  2. Renee

    very clever ideas………….sooooooooo cute

  3. Cathie

    Good and bad that you have to make these with the wrappers intact. School says no homemade, so this makes it easier. However, if you don’t have a hot-glue gun, that is a downside . BUT, they are really CUTE!

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Thank you so much, you can also use different kinds of glue such as tacky glue it just takes longer to dry 🙂

      1. Susan

        Self adhesive Glue dots will work great! I use them all the time. Can be found at any craft store.

  4. Wanda jordan

    You don’t say anywhere are you doing this on the bag or cookie it’s self. I’m assuming just the bag.

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Yes everything is done on the bag itself 🙂

  5. Joan Rehfeldt

    I just love this idea…Cutest thing ever…I live in a 55+ gated community and every Christmas I make some cute to give all the security officers for keeping us safe…Yep, this is a winner !

  6. Chris

    Really cute

  7. Debbie Carpenter

    I love this idea and I’m going to use this idea for our churches Ladies Luncheon. Thank’s for this idea.

  8. Mandy

    These are going on the front desk at the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteer. The families there need all the smiles we can give them.


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