Farm Animal Rock Garden

Farm Animal Rock Garden


  1. Rocks
  2. Craft Paint
  3. Sealer (optional)
  4. Pom Poms
  5. Felt
  6. Feathers
  7. Wiggle Eyes
  8. Glue
  9. Chenille Stem (pink)
  10. Yarn
  11. Wood Crate
  12. Plastic Trash Bag
  13. Staple gun and staples
  14. Dirt/ Potting soil
  15. Plants
  16. Farm toys/ Barn
  17. Spray paint (optional)


  1. Let the kids paint and decorate their farm animals (using the misc. craft supplies above to decorate their animals)
  2. Paint your wood crate (I spray painted mine red)
  3. Staple in a plastic liner (be sure to poke holes in the bottom of the liner for drainage
  4. Fill the inside of your crate with dirt/ potting soil
  5. Add your plants
  6. Add any misc. farm items and rocks

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