Patriotic Wooden Spoons Decor

Patriotic Wooden Spoons Decor


  1. Asst Wooden spoons
  2. White, Red and Blue spray paint (I used Chalk finish Paint HERE)
  3. Star stickers
  4. Blue tape or Rubber Bands
  5. Hemp twin
  6. Metal Stars
  7. Hot glue and glue gun
  8. Other misc. embellishments


  1. Begin by spraying your spoons white
  2. Once dry stick on your star stickers randomly (this is going to act as a resist) to a few of your spoons, wrap the others with blue tape for the stripes (I just did a few lines each on the top half
  3. Spray the spoons with stars blue and then promptly remove your stickers
  4. Spray the spoons with rubber bands or tape red, remove the rubber bands or tape when dry
  5. Decorate your spoons to your liking ( I added hem around the bottom of one, added some metal stars to some and a burlap flower to anther
  6. put in a desired vase (I used a galvanized vase with burlap on it, then hot glued on a patriotic butterfly)

These are so fun and so simple to make!



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