Tractor Toy Box

Tractor Toy Box


  1. 2 Wood Crates
  2. 1 wood panel
  3. Green Spray paint (John Deere Green)
  4. Black Spray Paint
  5. Yellow Craft Paint and brush
  6. 2 Stove burner covers
  7. 2 round wood discs (just smaller than your stove burner covers)
  8. Screws and drill


  1. Spray paint your crates green along with your wood panel
  2. Paint your 4 wheels black (2 stove burner covers and 2 wood discs)
  3. Paint yellow centers on your wheels
  4. Paint yellow trim on your crates and wood panel
  5. Screw your 2 crates together as shown
  6. Screw on your wheels and your wood panel for the canopy cover
  7. fill with toys

NOTE: use proper caution when spray painting any items (such as proper ventilation and covering). Also you may consider sanding the corners of your wood crates if they are sharp. These toy boxes are not recommended for small children, please use your own discretion.

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