Fall Mickey Wreath Idea

Fall Mickey Wreath Idea


  1. Grapevine wreath – 3 wreaths (2 small and 1 large)
  2. Fall Leaf decor
  3. Raffia
  4. Small straw hat
  5. cheese cloth
  6. small witch hat decor
  7. wire
  8. ribbon
  9. wiggle eyes
  10. hot glue and glue gun


  1. Start by assembling your wreath form ( wire on 2 small wreaths to the top sides of your large wreath, to create the ears )
  2. decorate each small wreath once it is secured to the main wreath
  3. For the first small wreath I wrapped cheesecloth around one in sections and glue into place, added a bow and wiggle eyes
  4. For the second I decided to add a small witch had and a feather boa around the bottom of the hat (hot glued into place)
  5. I then decorated the main wreath by adding some raffia and a small straw hat at the top and some fall leaves to the bottom
  6. Hang and enjoy


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