Frozen Spider Eggs

Frozen Spider Eggs


  1. Plastic Spiders 
  2. Balloons
  3. Scissors
  4. Water
  5. Misc items (Glow sticks, black cheesecloth, spider webs, ect..)


  1. Insert several plastic spiders into a balloon (I recommend using various sizes of spiders)
  2. Fill the balloon with water (place top of balloon over faucet and fill) tie off when filled
  3. Place your water filled balloons into the freezer (try and keep them from resting up against anything for a rounder shape, wait about 24 hour until completely frozen)
  4. Once frozen cut away balloon from the ice and pace in a dish, bucket, bin, ect..
  5. For a more creepy look place glow sticks, black cheese cloth and spiders around the eggs, then cover with fake spider webs
  6. For an extra added bit of fun let the kids melt the eggs by spraying warm water on them

This was a fun and quick project that my kids just loved. These would work great for a simple project or a inexpensive Halloween decoration


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