Halloween Doll Head Under Glass Candle Holder

Halloween Doll Head Under Glass Candle Holder


  1.  Wine Glass
  2. Dollar Store doll
  3. Spiders (misc. sizes and styles)
  4. Spray Paint – I used Silver, White and Black
  5. Spanish Moss
  6. Hot Glue and Glue gun
  7. Glitter Blast Spray paint
  8. White Acrylic paint or paint pen
  9. Black Craft foam
  10. Scissors


  1. Start by removing the dolls head
  2. Spray paint the doll head with silver paint and add some white and black randomly to give it more colors
  3. Once Dry add a couple white dots for eyes
  4. Cut out a piece of craft foam the same size as the wine glass opening
  5. Hot glue your doll head, some Spanish moss and spiders to your craft foam
  6. Hot glue your craft foam to the wine glass opening
  7. Spray the stem of your glass with some silver and black glitter spray
  8. Once dry add a tealight candle to the top of your wine glass


This was a super inexpensive Halloween decoration that is super creepy and fun!


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