Snail Diaper Cake

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 My Sister and I put together this diaper cake for her sister in laws baby shower, it turned out too cute so I had to share it.

I have had many requests to put up instructions on how to make this so here it goes.

Directions: We took 2 diapers at a time and wrapped them separately in pink tissue paper, then take both wrapped diapers and roll them together (roll one diaper then wrap the other around it) tie them together with a sting, repeat this step many time s until you have several diaper rolls in pink or blue. Then comes the white rolls do the same thing you did with the tissue paper rolled diapers but these you don’t have to wrap since the diaper itself is white. Once you have several bundles of each color, its assembly time. To make the body itself you put the diapers together like you would a standard diaper cake (standing the diapers up on the ends) just do this in a swirl pattern.Once you have the cake to the desired size, you need to tie a sting around the entire cake, pulling the sting very tightly to hold the diapers securely in place  (may need 2 people to do this). Once tied you will want to add a ribbon of choice around the cake to hide the string, then you can stand the cake on its side (slightly pushed down on it to give it a flatter bottom, the diapers shift around to allow for this). Now comes the head- for this we took and rolled one diaper then started laying one diaper after the next around it (again you are doing this on its side like you would a normal diaper cake) wrap several diapers around it until the head is a desired size for the body of the cake, once complete wrap a string around the head pull very tightly and tie (do not cut the sting short at this point you want to use the excess ends to tie to the sting on the body of your snail to hold the head on). Once you have attached your head you can use chenille stems (pipe cleaners) for the antennas ( just run one pipe cleaner between one of the diapers and bend both ends up) and a large bow on its butt.

*** NOTE: we made this cake with Kirkland’s (Costco)  diapers size 1-2 using 3/4 of the box.

There is no glue, pins or any other sharp objects used in making this, thus allowing all the diapers in this cake to be used for the new arrival.



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