Turkey Coffee Can Craft

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So I have mentioned in a couple of posts now that i have tons and tons of Formula Cans from Cayden and i have been trying to find different uses for them; so here is my most recent creation.

Turkey Coffee Can Craft

CLICK HERE for printable project cutouts

Supplies Needed: Coffee can or any other medium sized can ( I used a formula can), wiggle eyes, craft glue or hot glue and glue gun, craft foam or construction paper (I used craft foam for this guy but construction paper or scrapbook paper would work too), acrylic paint and brush (optional) and scissors.

First make sure your can or container is clean, then either paint it brown or wrap it in your foam or paper for the turkeys body, then cut out of craft foam or paper your turkeys head, waddle, nose and feet (may use pattern provided), glue your pieces to your body, along with your wiggle eyes (if using craft foam i recommend using hot glue for this step, if you use paper then craft glue works just fine),  next take your craft foam or paper and trace your child’s hand or your own ( you can do this once as a pattern and trace it each time or if you have a child like mine she wanted me to trace her hand over and over again) cut your hands out and glue on in layers for your feathers until you have a desired amount.

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