Cayden’s Farm- Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

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Cayden’s Farm

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

This is our newest stuffed animal storage, we wanted it to be more for a boy so we changed it up to look like a barn. Addies Zoo turned out so cute we just had to make one for all of Cayden’s animals. I hope you like it.


Bungee View



Basic Building Instructions: See Addies Zoo CLICK HERE we made a few changes with Caydens to make it more like a barn, we made this one 3′ x 5′ verses the 4′ x 6′ we did for Addies. We made the frame basically the same way but added a large panel of plywood I believe it was 1/4″ for the barn front, then cutting doors and adding hinges for the doors. We also changed how we did the bungee, we started on one side tied a knot and ran it up and down, then knotted the bottom end, doing this for each side (see above picture).

NOTE: there is always dangers when creating your own furniture used for children, this is simply an example of what we created for our own use. When recreating something like this, keep in mind we are not professionals and have not created this to meet safety standards, be sure to use supervision with your children of all ages, and take proper precautions. Children may try to climb in and on this item which can be very dangerous, there are many safety hazards to take into consideration if you build your own Stuffed Animal Storage.

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