Valentines Day Cardboard Mailbox DIY

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Valentines Day Cardboard Mailbox DIY



For this project I used a basic mailbox template, (I created up an example below to use). When making your top, I lightly scored the cardboard in lines down the center part to help the cardboard bend easily and not make a sharp fold. The flaps are scored and bent to fold under the center body of the mailbox. To secure the lid (hot glue the lid flaps to the bottom of the body). For the Body score on the lines shown and fold flaps up, hot glue one flap shut for the back and add a Velcro closure on the front flap. For the post I had a shipping tube I hot glued on (you can use anything you have, I was going to use a wrapping paper tube from Christmas, until I found the shipping tube). Then for the base we used a plain empty box, and inserted the tube through it and hot glued in place. Next decorate how ever you want. For the flower box we made hand print flowers, and tissue paper grass (glued the tissue paper to the top and inserted the stems of the flowers (Popsicle sticks) into the box and glued in place).


 After Decorating and before we did the flower box
 Hand Print Flowers










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