Construction Site Footprint Craft

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Construction Site Footprint Craft


So this week has sure been interesting. Many of you have noticed one very popular post missing from my blog this week “Construction Site Footprint Craft.” I have had a large number of emails through out the week concerning this, so I figured I should let everyone know more about why it is missing. Due to the rise in interest for this craft I was approached by a company who has a footprint service and has paid for a copyright on a tractor print very similar to mine. Now my “Construction Site Craft” is 100% my own creation (and NOT copied from anyone else), as is All of my designs and posts Unless Otherwise Noted. That being said the other persons print/ craft was close enough to mine and created before mine so due to the similarity of the image I choose to remove my post/ craft in Respect of her business. Now I know many of you have not been happy that the post was removed since it was a very popular post, especially after being featured on a few other great blogs. But I have chosen to personally keep the post down, in respect for her. I thank you all for your understanding and I hope to have some other great construction site crafts up soon. Make sure to stay posted for other fun ideas and thank you so much for following along with us on our crafty adventures. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I greatly appreciate your support in my blog,

The Keeper of the Cheerios
January 2015

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