Number Matching Carrots

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Number Matching Carrots


We have been trying to work on matching and numbers with the kids for awhile now and I had this fantastic Fluorescent Orange Paint I got on clearance HERE. So why not find a fun use for it and what better then making carrots for Easter, that is fast approaching.
Materials: Orange Paint, Crayons or Markers, scissors and glue (optional)
Directions: I let the kids paint and or color their blank carrots (with numbers on them), once dry we cut out the carrots and it was time for the matching part. I let the kids do 2 sets one for continual matching and the other I let them glue down. Printable Sheets Below.


Carrots Free Printable Cutout Sheet- CLICK HERE

Carrots Free Printable Matching Sheet CLICK HERE





Fluorescent Orange Tempera Paint 16oz
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