Plastic Plate Flowers

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Plastic Plate Flowers / Garden Flowers for Kids

I just love the glass plate flowers that everyone makes for their gardens, my co-workers make a ton of them every year and are making more this weekend. I have been wanting to do some myself but just cant get time to make them. After seeing THIS post I got the idea of making plastic plate flowers, that way its a project the entire family could enjoy.
I also got even more creative with the kids and we made stained glasses flowers.
Materials Used: Plastic cups and plates of all shapes and sizes, acrylic paints, brushes, hot glue and glue gun and wood dowel. (for stained glass flowers, instead of paint you need tissue paper, and elmers glue)
Directions: Paint your plastic plates how ever you want using acrylic paint, then when dry you can assemble them using the hot glue. If you are making the stained glass flowers instead of painting the plates you will take your tissue paper cut into squares adhering it to the plate with some watered down elmers glue (make sure the pieces are nice and wet and completely covered in glue, let dry and assemble).

DURABILITY  Many people have asked how they hold up outside and in the rain- As far as the stained glass ones go they dont last in the rain, I would keep them inside. The standard painted flowers do fantastic in the rain- mine where outside for a week nonstop raining and they still look amazing. If you want them to hold up over a long period of time I would recommend putting a sealer on them.










Stained Glass Flower 
Stained Glass Flower 





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