Frankie Beer Mug Candle Holder

frankie beer mug e1451617686795

Frankenstein Beer Mug Candle Holder

Materials Used: Dollar Store Beer Mug, Glitter Blast Spray Paint HERE (Colors used, Citrus Dream, and Starry Night), Sharpie, Hot glue and Hot glue gun, and Misc. embellishments. (looking for the glitter spray CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine)

Directions: Make sure your beer mug is clean then simply spray it with the glitter spray and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry you can embellish it any way you want to, I used things I had around the house.

NOTE: When spraying these you must treat it like any spray paint, you need to do it in coats and spray at a slight distance, if you get to close or spay too much in one spot at a time then the paint/ glitter can run. Shake the can VERY well before spraying to mix the glitter, this also helps to keep the can from clogging. If you live in a cold/ damp climate you need to take caution when spraying it may not tack up if its too cold out (you can spray them in a garage or somewhere warmer to help, but be careful of over spray in this case).
NOTE: These are for decoration purpose only, not meant for actual food use.


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