Toilet Paper Snowman Craft

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Toilet Paper Snowman Craft

I had seen where someone had made a ghost face on some toilet paper rolls before and thought how fun would it be to make some Christmas ones. The kids thought they where so much fun since they got to help make them. The kids made sure their toilet paper crafts where proudly displayed in their bathroom and I have a cute display for my extra toilet paper rolls. Its a win win.

Materials Needed: Toilet Paper Rolls, Buttons, Orange Felt, Chenille Stem, Wiggle eyes, Craft Glue, tape, White tissue paper, and a hat

Directions: Wrap the toilet paper roll with white tissue paper (or if making a Grinch or Santa use appropriate colors) tape the long end and tuck the excess paper into the ends of the roll. Once they are all wrapped simply glue on your parts. If making the Grinch glue on your eyes and using a sharpie draw on your face.

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