R2 D2 VALENTINE BOX e1451618194369


MATERIALS USED: Basic trash can, can be small or full sized, Krylon Simmer spray paint or other silver spray paint, Felt (blue, black and gray), Hot glue or craft glue, Red button, cap or felt, scissors and glitter spray (optional).

DIRECTIONS: Start off by spray painting the lid of your can with silver paint, if you can not find a white trash can paint it with white spray paint. Once the trash can is dry you can begin cutting out your felt pieces (I just googled a picture of R2-D2 and free handed the pieces, they don’t have to be precise). I wanted my pieces of felt to glitter so we sprayed it with glitter spay ahead of time. Once you have all of your pieces cut simply glue them to your trash can. I also found an old cap to spray red and attached that along with a silver cap and a piece of black felt.

I really wanted to start thinking of Valentines Day early this year, we always have so much fun coming up with different boxes and ideas. With the new movie being released I wanted to make something to go along with it. Once we had the idea we ran with it. After creating the can I found several others had a very similar thought, but of course it is just too stinking cute and how fun for a Valentines box and a trash can for later use.The kids are just so excited about their new box!

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