Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes

burlap wrapped candy canes sm

Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes


I love burlap decorations and this year we are going simple, and more of a country/ rustic Christmas.

So I have been revamping a lot of our decor and adding some new and fun things, such as upgrading dollar store candy canes.


  1. Dollar store plastic candy canes
  2. Burlap ribbon (find some HERE and HERE)
  3. Hot glue and glue gun
  4. small pine cones/ leaves or rustic decorations
  5. scissors
  6. Metal milk/ cream can (find some HERE), wire basket or pail to display in


Start at the top of your plastic candy cane, add a drop of hot glue to the tip and begin wrapping the burlap ribbon around the candy cane, working your way down to the bottom (hot gluing sections as you go to hold in place). Once the candy cane is covered in burlap ribbon you can decorate how ever you desire, I found pine cone / leaf bunches at the dollar store and some other rustic looking ornaments that worked great to glue to the candy canes. One they are all done place them in a pail/ wire basket or metal tin to display, you can also add in some more leaves and pine cones to the base.

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This post contains affiliate links

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