Mini Gingerbread House Kit

mini gingerbread house kit sm

Mini Gingerbread House Kit


This is such a cute and simple gift idea, we made up a bunch of these to hand out as small gifts, the kids even did a practice run and loved making them.


  1. Graham Crackers (7 squares per kit)
  2. Small Candies (mini M&M’s gum drops, mini starbursts, ect…)
  3. Frosting (separate into plastic baggies (use about 1/2 cup or so per bag)
  4. Large mason jar
  5. Ribbon
  6. Scissors


simply break apart 7 squares of graham crackers (place in jar), add candies to jar and your small bag of frosting. Once all ingredients are the in jar, add the lid, tie a ribbon and if you want, add a tag to the top. DONE! Simple, easy and fun!


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