Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Paper Lantern

Beauty and the beast lanterns s

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Paper Lantern


  1. White Tissue Paper
  2. Ultra Fine Sharpie Markers (or other fine point marker)
  3. Craft Sticks
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot glue and glue gun
  6. Gold Glitter Blast Spray
  7. Printed images
  8. Battery operated flameless candle/ tea light


  1. Hot glue 4 craft sticks together in a square (do this 4 times, making 4 separate squares)
  2. Spray your squares with Glitter Blast spray and let dry
  3. Lay all 4 squares in a row (side by side, horizontally) across the top of a sheet of white tissue paper
  4. Using a pen or pencil mark 4 dots around each square in the corners of the tissue paper (marking where each square will sit)
  5. Remove the squares and color your design in each section your squares will be (I layed out a printed designs found on google from Beauty and the Beast and traced the images then filled in with color).
  6. Once your designs are filled in hot glue each of your craft stick squares in place (side by side in a horizontal row framing each image)
  7. Fold the tissue paper at the bottom of your squares upward, using your glue attach the bottom sheet of tissue paper to the back side of your design (making it double in thickness) cut off the excess tissue from around the row of squares (do not cut the squares appart)
  8. Fold each square inward creating a 3-D square and glue your 2 open edges together
  9. Optional:  Create an extra craft stick square wrapping in tissue paper and glue to the base of your lantern
  10. Place your battery operated flameless candle/ tealight in the center of your lantern and enjoy

NOTE/ CAUTION: This is made from tissue paper and can catch on fire, DO NOT use a real candle with this lantern.


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This post contains affiliate links

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