Dancing Spider Races


Dancing Spider Races


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Water
  3. Dry Erase Marker
  4. Straws


  1. Lay out your aluminum foil, fold at the edges to keep water in
  2. Using a NEW dry erase marker, draw on your spiders
  3. Slowly pour water around the spiders
  4. Let the spiders lift off the foil
  5. Blow into your straws at the spiders to help them float down the foil

NOTE: New markers work the best, the fresh ink allows you to get a good thick layer of ink down. I tried using an older marker that still worked well but it did not lift off, when I opened a new marker with fresh ink it worked great!

NOTE: if you place your foil at an incline the spiders will float down faster, be sure to have water covering your foil to help them float. After your first set of races simply dry your foil off at the top, redraw your spiders and start again.

UPDATE! After several requests I tried to pinpoint what may cause problems when re-creating the spider races, I found that the dry erase marker can NOT be washable, only the standard markers work (I tested many brands and found no issues, however I did have the best luck with Expo dry erase). Also some brands of aluminum foil do not work as well, if you find you are having issues making them float first test out your markers, try it on a piece of glass or smooth ceramic plate, if they float on a plate or glass and not on the foil your issue is the foil, if it does not work on the glass then it is the brand of marker you are using (and remember the marker needs to be new, if it is not I found more issues with getting the spiders to lift)


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This post contains affiliate links

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