Halloween Haunted Express Crate Train

Halloween Crate Train sm

Halloween Haunted Express Crate Train


  1. Wood Crates (I used 5 to make mine- appx 18″x12″)
  2. Out Door Rated Spray Paint (Black)
  3. Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  4. Small Hand Saw 
  5. Screws and drill
  6. Misc. embellishments
  7. Small wood discs for the wheels and 2 large ones/ stove burner covers
  8. Something for the smoke stack (I used a gift container for the dollar store)
  9. Foam Chain (found some at the dollar store)


  1. Begin by spray painting your wood discs and your crates
  2. Once dry you can screw each disc to your crates for the wheels, use the 2 large ones for the back wheels of the Engine
  3. For the Engine we cut one crate in half and attached it to another crate by hot gluing into place (we also added some screws to it for extra hold)
  4. The Smoke stack we painted a gift container from the dollar store and hot glued it in place
  5. Lastly add any embellishments to your train, fill with decorations and string fake chain between each cart.

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This post contains affiliate links

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  1. Tonia

    I can’t wait to build this with my kids!!


    you do come up with some great ideas …thank you for all of the fun ideas..keep them coming …again thank you…

  3. Tiffany

    Where did you find the skull for the front?


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