Clay Pot Snowman Wind Chime

snowman windchimes sm

Clay Pot Snowman Wind Chime


  1. Clay pot 
  2. Dollar store sock
  3. Beads
  4. Bells
  5. Snowflakes
  6. Strong string
  7. 2-Large washers
  8. Thick string or hemp twine
  9. Orange Felt
  10. Scissors
  11. Black sharpie
  12. White spray paint
  13. misc embellishments
  14. Hot glue and glue gun or other strong adhesive


    1. Spray your clay pot with white outdoor rated spray paint
    2. Thread beads, bells and snowflakes on several different stings
    3. Tie all the strings to a washer
    4. Thread a thick durable sting or twine through washer and tie a knot on the bottom half of the washer
    5. Thread the other side through the hole in the clay pot and second washer, glue washer to the top and add a second knot on the top half (glue down to washer)
    6. Put sock on the bottom side of your clay pot and cut a small slit in the top to poke your string/ twine through
    7. Draw on eyes and mouth to the front of your clay pot using a sharpie
    8. Glue on a felt carrot nose
    9. Add any other embellishments and hang 

NOTE: If you  are wanting your bead strands to sit further apart, you can add a couple drops of glue next to the washer on the inside, sides of your pot and tack the strands in place, be sure to do this close to the washer or they will not chimes on the sides of the pot as well. 


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