Pizza Pan Christmas Moose

Moose Pizza Pan Sign sm

Pizza Pan Christmas Moose


  1. Dollar store pizza pan
  2. Dollar store cookie sheet
  3. Brown Spray paint
  4. Bronze Blaze Glitter blast 
  5. Large wiggle eyes
  6. 2- large wooden spoons (found mine at a local dollar store)
  7. Craft foam and Brown felt
  8. Jumbo Craft sticks
  9. Glue (hot glue will work for indoor use, but for a strong long lasting durable hold I recommend a metal or glass glue)
  10. Scissors
  11. Large black buttons
  12. Ribbon (optional, for making a door hang instead)
  13. Misc. embellishments
  14. Wood post/ fencing slat
  15. Misc sign/ bucket and other decorations


  1. Spray your wooden spoons, pizza pan and cookie sheet with brown spray paint
  2. Once dry spray pans and spoons with bronze glitter blast
  3. Glue your pizza pan to the bottom half of your cookie sheet (overlapping so a few inches of cookie sheet are above the pizza pan)
  4. Glue both of your wooden spoons to the back of your cookie sheet with the wide end of the spoons just showing above pans for ears
  5. Cut out of craft foam 2 antlers and cover with brown felt
  6. Glue craft sticks along the back of your antlers to give them more support
  7. Glue antlers to the back of your cookie sheet 
  8. Glue large wiggle eyes to the cookie sheet just above pizza pan
  9. Optional: decorate antlers with small ornaments or lights
  10. Glue moose to a large wooden slat
  11. Glue other signs/ misc embellishments to sign
  12. Set post/ slat into a bucket or crate to dispaly
  13. Alternative: For a door hang simply add a ribbon to the back of your pans and hang instead of gluing to post/ slat



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