Rice Krispie Unicorn Heart Treats


Rice Krispie Unicorn Heart Treats


  1. Rice Krispies
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Butter
  4. Pan/ Pot/ Dish/ Spoon
  5. Heart cookie cutter
  6. Wax paper/ Foil
  7. White cookie sticks
  8. Heart gummies
  9. Fondant (white)
  10. White and Pink candy melts
  11. Black frosting
  12. Piping bags
  13. Candy flowers


    1. Mix Rice Krispie treats as per box directions
    2. Dump a fair amount of rice krispies into the center of a greased cookie cutter (push into the cutter so it fills it completely) 
    3. Once the treat has set up and cooled remove the cookie cutter
    4. Add a white cookie stick/ skewer at an angle through the center of the heart 
    5. Add one heart gummy to the top end of the stick and 2 more to the bottom end (creating an arrow)
    6. Melt candy melts and drizzle over the hearts or cover heart completely if desired
    7. Form a unicorn horn out of fondant and attach using a toothpick or just some frosting
    8. Draw on the unicorn eyes with black frosting
    9. Add any misc. embellishments per desired look

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